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Payday Loans Toronto

This website offers small, short term cash loans for any purpose. Our loans are designed to be short term only, typically paid back on or before your next payday. We only loan small amounts to help keep you going until your next payday check arrives in the post! If you need an Ontario payday loan partners click here

We typically borrow amounts between $100 to $1500 which you can pay back within 30 days. You are free to use the loan for whatever you like. Most people take out our loans because of emergencies. Sometimes that paycheck just doesn't stretch far enough. Whatever your reason, all we ask is that you pay the amount back within the agreed period.

If our loans sound like something you would be interested in, all you have to do is Apply. Our application form is really easy to fill out. We just ask a bit of info about you and your situation and also your employment details. Once you submit the form we'll give you an on-screen decision instantly and if you're accepted, we'll send you the money direct to your bank within the hour!

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Customer Testimonials

I am on my limit each month, most of my income goes towards my rent and bills and I don't have much left over. Last month, my car broke down and I couldn't afford to get to work. I needed $400 to get the brakes fixed and I simply didn't have it. Thankfully, paydayloanstoronto.com came to my rescue and I was able to fix my car and pay for it after pay day! Thank you so much!

Anne Richmond Toronto, Canada

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